Monday, December 17, 2012

Our Story: Elizabeth Lusima - Women's Ministry & Estela Sifren Children's Ministry

Elizabeth, Estela and I keep in touch by e-mail. At times it is difficult, we have to translate each message and hope the translation expresses our desired communication. We choose to press on and persevere because we know the children and their moms need our help and encouragement. Their lives are filled with hardship and hard work with little hope of a better life. The creative offerings for sale on this blog are a way to raise awareness of their plight and provide funding to help meet the needs. They live in small sugarcane villages outside of LaRomana, a city in the south eastern hemisphere of the Dominican Republic. This city is our base, we travel with the medical teams into the villages to minister to these Haitian Migrant families. They are poor and have very little, including food. Education is essential for the children if they are to get beyond this harsh life of cutting cane. It takes gas and transportation to make the long trips into the villages, and this expense is above and beyond what is needed to help these families. Elizabeth and her team and Estela and her team are committed to help make a difference in the lives of these precious people. art by the heart is committed to help these teams bring hope to a people forgotten by society. All profits excluding cost of supplies goes directly to help keep these ministries in place. Keep checking in, there will be stories and pictures from the women and children living in the bateys. Please help us help them!

Monday, November 19, 2012



 "Art by the Heart ~ To Go"
  A Mission to Women and Children Living in Abject Poverty.  


Many of you have journeyed with us as we try to bring
 awareness and support to these precious women and children.  
Through this blog we can now communicate with you on a regular basis.  
Our plan is to introduce you to our friends in the Dominican Republic.  
Hear their stories, and see their beautiful faces as hope and purpose fill their days.
Help us help them by purchasing the beautiful wares offered on our website.

Meet Estela and some of the Sugar Cane Kids

Your purchases make it possible for these children to attend school.
Education  provides the only way out of a very hard life of cutting cane, 
it also provides a nutritious meal every day.
Estela is a missionary to these children helping them and their schools 
get the much needed supplies to learn and grow.